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Kasese celebrates international women’s day 2024.

Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered at Katunguru Primary School , lake katwe subcounty as Kasese District Local Government joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Women’s Day .

The function was presided over by Her Royal Highness Agnes Ithungu Asiimawe and graced by different stakeholders including high political leaders of the district like the District Chairperson and members of his council ,security led by the RDC and district and subcounty technical staff.

The theme was , ” Accelerating Gender Equality through Women Economic Empowerment ” which presented a reflection on the efforts and progress made towards achieving sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on Gender Equality within the context of economic empowerment.

Her Royal Highness Agnes Ithungu Nyabaghole urged parents to promote girl child education and called upon young girls to pursue courses that are traditionally associated with men like engineering, among others.

In her message to women, she emphasised the need for women to embrace the use of ICT for social-economic transformation. She encouraged women to utilise digital platforms to conduct online businesses and to access information for economic transformation.

Nyabaghole also called upon parents and different actors to protect girls against child pregnancies and early marriages and urged girls to also desist from sexual exploitation by men who take advantage of child poverty.

She condemned men who sexually abuse their own daughters and called for serious action upon them.

The key note speaker, Helen Petronilla , Deputy Executive Director Microfinance support Centre called upon women to utilize government initiatives to empower women like Emyooga, UWEP , PDM among others. She also asked women to utilise Micro finance Support Centre which have a fovourabble interest rate of 8% annually to avoid financial exploitations by money lenders.

Hellen condemned the people of Kasese for not taking advantage of her leadership in Micro Finance Support Centre to benefit for the different financial opportunities under the institution.

The RDC Lt. Joe Walunsimbi appreciated Her Royal Highness , Agnes Ithungu Asiimawe for supporting of government and pledged government commitment to continue supporting the kingdom.

The Women Member of Parliament ,Hon. Kabugho Florance ,  appreciated His Excelence Yoweri K. Museveni for appreciating the role of women by giving them key leadership positions in the country. She urged the district leadership to emulate him and also give platforms to women in the district .
Hon. Florance also called upon women to wake up in action to fight for themselves to be economically empowered.

The District Chairperson Muhindi Bukombi Eriphaz talked about the different programs of government that are already benefiting women in the district like UWEP , Emyooga and PDM and called upon women to appreciate  and utilise them for economic empowerment.

International women’s day serves as a call to action for accelerating progress towards gender equality and empowerment. It presents an opportunity to reflect on the efforts and progress made towards achieving sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on Gender Equality within the context of economic empowerment.


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Kasese hosts parliamentary committee on assurance.

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District releases PLE results 2023.

Kasese District Local Government has released PLE results today 31st January 2023 at multipurpose hall.

PLE results were released by the Uganda Examination Board (UNEB) on Thursday, 25th January 2024.

Performance of schools in Kasese (main) has remarkably improved compared to the past 4 years with  6.3% passing in Division I, 55.9% in Division II, Division III, 9.5 % in Division IV and 5 % in  U, this excludes the municipality.  However 2% registered but never appeared to do exams thus graded in U.

The best government performing schools in the district were, Ruboni, Bwera COU, Katwe Boarding, St.John Bukangara , Kagando P/s , Hima Public,  Kalonge I, Mweya p/s. And the worst performing schools in the district were, Kahendero P/s, Maghoma, Nyakanengo, St. Augustine Kitabu , Kyondo, and Kasenyi.

Exams of 3 schools were withheld, affecting 112 students who will be appearing before the security committee of UNEB before they take the final decision.

To improve performance of schools this year 2024, the acting district education officer Mr.Thabugha Ernest said that his office has laid strategies to improve delivery of education services in the district. Among them are;

Strengthening community sensitization and awareness creation being on top of the agenda,
Equitable and transparent distribution of human resource to fight against issues of understaffing and over staffing,
Encouraging co- curriculum activities in schools because they motivate children to keep in schools,
Mobilization of funding for schools,

Establishing centers of excellence which will be model centres for the poorly performing schools, among others.

The Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Byamungu Elias asked all head teachers to work towards improving performance of their schools this year. He gave every head teacher a target of adding a minimum of at least 2 first grade, per school.

Mr. Byamungu promised to reward the best performing schools in the district including the best performing students for motivation and encouragement of other students.

The district chairperson called upon stakeholders to enhance monitoring of teachers, pupils and parents.

He expressed his disappointment on the 213 pupils who appeared in grade X because they registered but could not turn up for exams. He said, that it’s because of monitoring gap of leaners and teachers.

The district chairperson asked the teachers to play their part to ensure education services are effectively delivered.

In the same meeting, the RDC LT. Joe Walusimbi, condemned the issue of teachers sending the children out of school for fees. He asked the teachers to rather focus on doing their part of service delivery and allow the most vulnerable children in the community to have access to education.

It’s among the strategies of education department Kasese to strengthen monitoring of schools with hope to improve performance of schools.

Congratulations to the primary seven candidates 2023.

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The RDC LT.Joe Walunsimbi has commissioned Rukoki Health Centre IV maternity ward today 25th January 2025.

Rukoki Maternity ward was gutted by fire in June 2024 and since then  the facility has been operationalizing under challenges of limited accommodation for mothers.

Rehabilitation of the Maternity ward has been funded with support from Rotary snow peaks which organised the first fundraiser marathon that raised the start up funds worthy 36M out of the required 170M and  Medicins Sans Frontiers that took over the project to the level of completion.

According to the report presented by Dr. Masereka Abrahams , Rukoki operates to capacity of a hospital yet its not yet elevated to a hospital capacity. In his report, the facility delivers over 300 mothers monthly and yet they have been operating with limited bed capacity.

Dr. Abrahams requested Ministry of Health represented by Dr. Mugahi Richard to accelerate the process of elevating the facility to a hospital status so that they are able to operate to capacity.

The Chief Guest from Ministry of Health Dr. Mugahi Richard expressed his gratitude to management and staff of Rukoki Health Centre for for offering services above self.

He commended staff for the exceptional efforts and delivering beyond their capacity.

He pledged commitment of Ministry of Health to support Rukoki HC IV  to elevate to a functional hospital with all the required equipment.

The District Vice Chairperson Hon. Natuhwera Ham  asked Ministry of Health to give a special consideration to Kasese interms of allocation of health facilities considering the population of Kasese which is about 1.2 Millions.  He said that Kasese still has 17 subounties without Health Centre III’s despite the directive of government that every subcounty should have a health centre 111.

He requested that atleast another hospital should be allocated for Busongora North for easy access to health services.

The Deputy mayor, Kasese Municipality Hon Mupango Rabson thanked Rotary , MSF and other partners who have worked with government to ensure that the common people receive services. He requested for continuous partnership with government for better service delivery.


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Works for construction of 3 classroom block at Nyakango Primary school in Maghasa ,Mpata Parish, Bwesumbu Sub county funded by Kabira foundation , started yesterday 19th January  2024  .

The ground breaking ceremony attended by the district political and technical leadership, local leaders , donors and residents of Maghasa was presided over by the Deputy RDC Mr. Maate Magwara at Nyakanengo Primary School in Bwesumbu Suncounty.

Under this project, Kabira Foundation is to construct 6 classrooms and a staff house in 3 phases. First phase will include  construction of 3 classrooms, second Phase will be 3 more classrooms and last phase will be a staff house.

However, according to Mr. Camilo Otim ,Kabira Foundation volunteer, the project depends on individual contributions from individual donors and therefore availability of funds from individual donors will determine the period of completion. He said that Kabira foundation will ensure that all planned interventions are implemented and construction of the 1st phase of 3 classroom block will be implemented in 4 months if there are no challenges from the community since funds are available.

He appealed to the parents and residents of Maghasa to support the contractors with delivering of materials and carrying of water to the site since the community has a challenge of water and hard reach terrain.

The deputy RDC incharge of Bukonzo Mr. Maate asked residents of Maghasa to cooperate with Kabira foundation to ensure that the project is implemented with no challenges.

He also asked the people of Bwesumbu to learn to appreciate and support efforts and programs of Government rather than always criticizing because it affects service delivery.

While responding to the school head teachers report which indicated a very low level of completion for children of Nyakanengo Primary school, the deputy RDC asked parents to take over their roles of supporting their children to stay in school and complete school.

He encouraged parents to utilise the government  training institute for skills  in mubuku especially for children who have dropped out of school.

The District Chairperson , Mr Muhindi Erifaz Bukombi asked parents to mobilize their children to go to school so that the classroms being constructed achieve the intended prupose.

He appreciated efforts of Kabira Foundation to secure funds to support Nyakanengo primary school. He pledged commitment of Government to continue supporting and strengthening service delivery to the people of Bwesumbu and beyond.


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District Council honours the late Hon.Moses Bwambale.

  1. Kasese District Local Government conducted extra ordinary Council in honor of the late Hon. Moses Bwambale today, 12th December 2023, at the burial ceremony held at Nyamugasani primary school in Rwesororo, Kisinga Town Council.

The late Hon. Moses succumbed to injuries sustained in an accident that occurred along Mbarara road in Muhokya Town Council .

The deceased worked as a district counsellor representing Kisinga Subcounty since 19th May 2021.
In honor of the Late Hon. Moses Bwambale contributions to the district and his subcounty, council approved construction of 1.5KM road in Kiburara and construction of Market stalls at Kiburara trading centre to be named after him.
The motion seeking council to honour and give last respect to the late Hon. Moses Bwambale was presented by the District Vice Chairperson Hon. Ham Natuhwera .

The District speaker, Hon. Mayora Johnson hailed the late moses for being a very good legislator who loved his constituency and the people of Kasese.
He praised him for being a hardworking person who worked tirelessly for his Subcounty and district.

The district chairperson, Hon. Bukombi Muhindi Erifaz said that the late Moses always engaged him on plans for his Subcounty.
He pledged to work with the district council to fullfulill the dreams Moses had for his Subcounty.

The District Chairperson also asked members of the council to consider supporting his children whom he had left at a tender age.

Hon. Harold Muhindo Tonny, the area Mp Bukonzo East, said that the deceased has left a gap in Bukonzo East, which needs to be filled.
He appealed to the district chairperson and the CAO to write to the electrol commission to fill the 2 positions in his constituency, one for the deceased and second for the counsellor representing Kitabu Subcounty who crossed to civil service.

The late Hon. Moses Bwambale survived by 7 children and 1 wife and was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Rwesororo , in Kisinga Town Council.

Kabugho Sharon
Communications Officer

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Members of Kasese District Disaster Management committee have expressed their distress over the developing crack on Muhokya town council land which is currently occupied by the Internally Displaced Persons   .

This issue was raised by Mr.Buhaka Lucas commonly known as the voice of the Voiceless in the Disaster Management coordination meeting held at the district council hall yesterday 5th December 2023. Mr. Buhaka was worried of the pace government is taking to respond and yet the level of vulnerability of the people living in Muhokya and the neighborhood qualifies it to be a matter of urgency .

The developing crack was said to be increasing gradually and equally increasing the magnitude of risk exposure especially of the people living in Muhokya IDP and the sorrounding area.

The ChairPerson Muhokya IDP camp Mrs. Aryema Rehema, said that Crack has increased the flooding in Muhokya IDP camp and the situation worsened this rainy season of Sept to December.

She added that the crack seems to be stretching from uphill to the lower land and as people in the IDP they are terribly in fear of any likely disaster that may occur out of the crack. She cried out to government to speed up the process of settling the people in the camp because the camp is not suitable for settlement due to the crack that is causing flooding.

Responding to the issue of the Crack in Muhokya, the senior Environmental Officer Mr. Kooli Augustine, said that the issue of the crack has been brought to the attention of Office of the Prime Minister however its still pending response from OPM. He advised the committee on the need to carryout a geological study which will inform stakeholders from appropriate intervention.

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Ntarwete Eliab said that the issue should be brought to attention of Members of Parliament so that it is tabled in parliament of action.

He asked members of the Committee to organize a monitoring visit to all areas in the district that are vulnerable to disasters to conduct risk assessment as well as monitoring human activities that are leading to disasters.

Mr Ntarwete Eliab emphasized the need to plan with facts from the community and not planning without going on ground to do fact finding.

In the meeting, the subcounty Chief of Mpunga Mr. Syaipuma Edson asked the disaster committee to carryout comprehensive monitoring of all vulnerable sub counties. He reported that 2 cracks are also developing in Mpunga Subcounty and this equally needs intervention.

The meeting resolved to engage a Geologist to conduct a study on the magnitude of the crack, compile a comprehensive report  as advised by the Senior Environment Plan which shall be submitted to parliament through district representatives to parliament.


Kitswamba TC


Kirabaho-Kabatunda TC


Muhokya TC


Kithoma TC

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The District Budget 2020/21

A total of Ushs. 86,410,621,000 has been projected as total revenue for the FY 2020/21 compared to Ushs. 74,008,326,000 during
the FY 2019/20 representing a 16.8% increase in the revenue forecast. The district has projected to raise Ushs 5,277,935,000 from
locally generated sources compared to Ushs. 1,620,462,000 during the FY 2019/20 representing an increase of 225.7%. The
increment is mainly as a result of re-adjustments in projections in local revenue sources such as loyalties, inspection fees, property
related duties and LST. Central government transfers will increase by 13.1% in the FY 2020/21 compared to the FY 2019/20. The
projected Good performance during the FY is attributed to 1) increase in wage allocations in Education, Health and Production
sectors, 2) increase in pension, gratuity and pension arrears, 3) increased funding under in development mainly in Roads, Health,
Production and Education UGFIT for construction of Seed Schools, Increase in non-wage allocation to Education mainly for
maintenance of school infrastructure & capacity building of education stakeholders, additional grants to cater for recurrent costs,
and payment of LCs ex-gratia, and honoraria for councilors. Donor support is projected to reduce by 1.4% majorly due to reduced
commitment of Baylor towards Results Based Financing and DGF due to uncertainties surrounding the global pandemic of COVID
19 towards accountability related interventions across the district.

Visit our E-Library to download full copies on

Aggrey Winston Muramira

Chief Administrative Officer



Disaster Reports May 2020

Following the incidence where most the rivers in Kasese District originate from the Rwenzori Mountains and empty their waters into the two drainage basins of Lakes George and Edward. There are numerous several socio-economic activities being undertaken within the catchments of these rivers, both by the public and the private sectors and dominated by subsistence farming for livelihoods of the communities. These include agriculture, industry, settlements/urbanization, Mining, energy production (mini-hydro-electric power generation) and wildlife conservation. There are, however a number of threats posed by many of these activities to the water resources, and the watersheds in particular. The major threats include increasing human population and its pressures on land, encroachment and degradation of fragile ecosystems particularly on the sensitive mountain slopes and river banks; and weak governance of the environment and natural resources.
Between the period March and May 2020 Kasese experienced heavy rains leading to occasional flooding and landslides in various parts of the District. From Wednesday, 6th May 2020 to 20th May 2020 though, the District experienced serious flooding due to the simultaneous bursting of the 7 rivers of Lhubiriha, Mubuku, Nyamwamba, Nyamugasani, Sebwe, Rwembyo and Thaku in Kitholu Subcounty. As a result, many crops, livestock, poultry, Social-Economic infrastructure both private and Government including plants and machinery, schools, bridges, roads, health facilities notably Kilembe Mines Hospital were completely obliterated.
On Behalf of the People of Kasese, I would like to uplaud the Government particularly the Office of The prime Minister for the quick action in the provision of food and non-food items to the vulnerable affected communities.
In a special way, I want to acknowledge the irreplaceable support and technical guidance received from various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Partners both local and international
It’s really impractical to thank every by name. It takes two hands to clap, but certainly the the desire to save life including preparation of this plan has taken more than two hands. My humble gratitude to everyone.
One Behalf of the Kasese I pledge to work closely with other stakeholders to identify additional risk reduction and management strategies in abid to strengthening the community’s resilience.
Sibendire Bigogo Geofrey

Download full copies of our reports on our E-Library