Kyondo S/C

On behalf of the sub county council staff and on my own, I take the honour to warmly welcome you and team to kyondo Sub County.

Kyondo Sub County located on a 1.1/2 acre of land was curved out of kisinga Sub County in 1989 and is composed of the following;

  • Parishes     4
  • Villages    20
  • Population 41269
  • Households  9480
  • Council 15(headed by the sub county chairperson)
  • Staff (filled posts) 4(headed by the sub county chief)
  • Primary (government Aided)    10
  • Primary (privately owned)       18
  • Secondary (government aided)  1
  • Secondary (privately owned)      2
Health Centres
  • Kyondo HC III, with 8 out of 19 staff
  • Bwethe HCII, with 1 out of 9 staff

Trading Centre’s are: Kyanzabiri TC, Kawembe TC, Kinyabisiki (Kaberere) and Bwambika Musasa

Roads: 4 district roads are:

Musasa- Katulu- Kyondo primary school 9.5km
Kyondo- Ibimbo road 8km.
Kasokero-Bulighisa road 7km
Kinyabisiki- Kiyamakunu – Buhyoka p/s 4km

There are also 8 community access roads 96km.

Production: residents of kyondo Sub County are predominantly involved in farming with sizeable banana plantations, cassava, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, woodlot alongside fish farming, apiary and dairy farming & SACCOS.

Currently some farmers are graduating into value addition business; some of the residents are engaged in petty trade and businesses ranging from chapatti road.

In a bid to fight poverty, we have been able to supply to farmer under the

Operation Wealth Creation, in the Aug- Oct 2016 season.

  • Coffee 478,287 plantlets
  • Cocoa 5000 plantlets
  • Mangoes 7000plantlets
  • Oranges 5000plantlets

Youth livelihood program– since the inception of the youth livelihood program in then sub county, (six) groups have received funds worth shs 51,935,500=

The beneficiary youth groups are:

  1. Kibathe Youth Piggery Project              shs 9,275,000=
  2. Kyambithi Youth Saloon Project               shs 9,666,000=
  3. Kasemire Motorcycle Youth Project            shs 8,100,000=
  4. Bulighisa- Katunura Piggery Project            shs 6,994,000=
  5. Kazigha Kinyabiskiki Coffee Milling Project   shs 8,970,000=
  6. Kyalhughuthu Saloon Youth Project          shs 8,930,000=

Total                                                                      shs 51,935,500=

Issue / challenges

The pertinent issue/ challenges we face here in kyondo sub county range from those that can get remedy with ease and immediately to those that need concerted effort and may take a bit longer to solve:

However, we feel that with your guidance and supported we shall be able to surmount them. Some of the issues are:

  1. Need to consider posting a female teacher to kyondo primary school which has only male teachers.
  2. With due respect to take affirmative action in the transfers of teachers who have stayed longer at their stations. (Those that have stayed more than 5 years in the hard-to-to reach schools).

But more attention should be placed on Buhyoka primary school where absenteeism of at least 4 teachers is rampantly untolerable.

  1. When opportunity arises considering posting to the sub county critical staff in the positions of agricultural officer, veterinary officer, fisheries officer and health assistant.
  2. To front for government aid the 4 (four) private community primary schools of Buyagha primary school, Kasemire school Bwethe primary school and Kasokero EI Salvado primary school. Still to lobby for government takeover of 2 (two0 privately community owned secondary schools of Ngome vocational secondary school and St. Mpaga vocational secondary school.
  3. Paradoxically many areas of Katunura IhanuraKaliba and Kyanzabiri especially Ibimbo parishes are water stressed in spite of the many water sources in the sub county that can render an opportunity for the construction of GFs. We request for your appropriate intervention.
  4. Bwethe health centre II has only 19(one) staff. Kindly consider posting more health workers to the facility for effective health service delivery.

The centre was recently hit by lighting and doors and windows and drugs destroyed.

  1. Roads are in a sorrow state. Road gangs should be revamped to always a carry out routine for maintence of the roads.
  2. The demand for tree seedlings is high as residents would like to engage in tree planting and raise woodlots on bare hills and protect the environment. Kindly avail the seedlings.
  3. Council and staff are new in office and would like to be inducted on the systems and procedures of government so that the operate council affair effectively.
  4. Promotion& scholarships;

Some staff needs to develop their career through advancing their studies but lack the sponsorship. Others have attained the requisite academic qualification to enable them be promoted.

A case in point is: some teachers have attained more studies and are now degree holders and need promotions.

One Ms Kabatembuzi Gladys-Accounts Assistant; who has been in the service for now 21years but has remained static in the position.

We request that you promote her to a level of senior account assistant and or still sponsor her for further studies.

One other staff here is one Mr. Kithanda Robert parish chief, who recently graduated with Bachelor of Arts in public administration degree from bishop Stuart University, mbarara.

He should be promoted to a level of a CDO or still sponsored for a post graduate diploma.

  • Suicide cases.

People seem to be withdrawing for life. They think they are no longer worth living. So they treat themselves worthless. Cases of young people resorting to committing suicide by handling have become common.

The remedy to the cause needs many actors including leader at all levels: religious leaders, cultural elders, political, civil etc.

  • Early marriages/ defilement/ school dropout.

Some residents still marry off their daughters at a tender age. The remedy lies in sensitization on the dangers of such practices and then massive community policing. Associated with that is the rampant school absenteeism and finally drop out especially of girls. Hence low education for girls.

  • Youth livelihood program funds recovery problem.

The recovery of funds borrowed by the youth under the youth livelihood programs a bit problematic. The solution lies in educating the youth about the condition attached to the program.

  • Retrieval of sub county motorcycles with your staff.

We request that you recover 2 (two) motorcycles for our staffs which are in possession of your staff at district headquarter s to serve the purpose for which they were meant:

  1. Motorcycle no.LG0078-18 Honda meant for the sub county chief is in possession of one Mr. Barugahare Charles (driver to CAO)
  2. Motorcycle no. UBA126Z meant for an extension worker (CDO) is I the hand of one Mr.Kisembo Tomasi Tibaisigwea (driver at district headquarters).
  3. Lack of furniture in p.1 at Bulighisa &Kyondo primary school.

P.1 classes at the above schools are in dire need of furniture for the p.1 pupils’ kindly support these schools

  • Sanitation at schools.

The schools that totally lack latrine are: Bulighisa primary school especially girls and Kasokero primary schools.

  • Pests and diseases.

Berries of coffee are strangely drying up and farmers need an explanation from extension workers to that effect.

  • Physical planning of trading Centre’s.

We request that you avail us the service s of a planner to meet the demand for planning the upcoming towns so that develops is directed well on the various activities and developments in those towns. Residents are willing to surrender their lands for the noble cause.

  • Thefts especially of vanilla.

Some cases of vanilla thefts are common. The advice to farmer is that they take charge of their security. We have, however, forwarded a bye law on the vanilla issue to the district.

  • Our finance base is low.

This makes some of our activities and priorities unfunded. We request that you lobby central government to increase the grants

Special Requests
  • Promotion of tourism.

Kyondo community tourism association has made progress in the conservation of the chimpanzee, monkeys, birds, herbs and have constructed camp site at river falls up in the hills of kyondo. They only need your support to be a tourist destination.

  • Sanitation at sub county headquarters

We are constructing an emergency low cost VIP latrine. Kindly approve our request to use force account.

  • Office furniture and renovation.

We request that you approve funds worth 1.500,000= shillings from the DDEG program and secure for us a contracts committee minute to procure furniture for the offices and make simple renovations using’s force account  so that offices can portray a good image of government offices.

Finally, Mr. CAO., let me pledge that any support given to this sub county shall be put to proper and good use. So support us undoubtedly.

I wish you a safe stay with us.

Muke Jovenal

Sub-county Chairperson, Kyondo