Kyarumba SC

Kyarumba Sub County is one of the sub counties in kasese district. It is generally mountainous in terrain and is found in Bukonzo County.

It covers an area of 48sq kms and boards Mahango Sub County the east lake sub county to the south, Kyondo Sub County to the west and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the North West.

The subcounty is head by Baluku Jackson Muhuruka ,the LCIII chairperson

Subcounty Chief is Kisura Geneva , you can contact her on 0782919477 .

Administrative Units

Kyarumba sub county local government has five parishes that is

  1. Kalonge parish
  2. Kaghema parish
  3. Kihungu parish
  4. Kitabu parish
  5. Kabirizi parish
Health Unit Facilities

The sub county has four health unit facilities and these are

1. Kyarumba Health Centre III Bwambale Erineus
2. Kyarumba PHC(catholic parish )HC III Masereka Wilson
3. St Francis of Assis Kitabu HCIII Mbusa Kaliveri Ngene
4. Kabirizi Health Centre II Nyangoma Brenda

We have sixteen government aided primary schools and several private schools both in 

1. Kyarumba p/s Kaghema parish  
2. Bwitho p/s Kaghema parish  
3. Kaghema p/s Kaghema parish  
4. Kihungamiyagha p/s Kaghema parish  
5. Kalonge upper p/s Kalonge parish  
6. Mughete p/s Kihungu parish  
7. Kitabona p/s Kalonge  
8. Kakunyu p/s Kalonge  
9. Kihungu p/s Kihungu  
10. Kitabu p/s Kitabu  
11. Nyakakindo p/s Kitabu  
12. Mughete Quran p/s Kitabu  
13. St. Augustine p/s Kitabu  
14. Kanyabusogha p/s Kabirizi  
15. Kinyaminagha p/s Kabirizi  
16. Kalonge lower p/s Kalonge  
Secondary Schools

We have one government secondary school and three other private secondaries but government ; 

1. Mutanywana secondary school Government school  
2. Kyarumba Islamic Centre school Private but government grant aided  
3. Trinity voc. Sec. school Private but government grant aided  
4. St Jude sec. school Private but government grant aided  

A number of opportunities exist in the sub county and these include.

  • NGO’s/CBO’s existence especially Bukonzo joint.


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