Kahokya SC


Kahokya Sub-county which started effective 1st July, 2018, having been carried out of Lake Katwe sub-county.

It thus bounds with Kyarumba Sub-County West, Lake Katwe sub-county in the East, Queen Elizabeth National Park in the South East and Muhokya Sub-county in the North.

It has five parishes and 10 villages namely as below;

MurambiMurambi IMurambi II
KalamyaKalamya IKalamya II

We have a Technical staff of six members as follow;

  1. Kaija Chris-Senior Assistant Secretary
  2. Bagonza Venesio-Accountant
  3. Isejamba Philip-CDO
  4. Yona Nganda-Veterinar
  5. Zalimon-Parish Chief
  6. Milton-Parish Chief

Sir these members have exhibited total cooperation and dedicated to execute even amidst scarcity of funds for facilitation.


Sir aware that Kahokya Sub-County has not done elections yet however we still submit to Lake Katwe Sub-County Council and present with us here us;

  1. Mr. Mbaywana Miseach
  2. Ms. Biira Rachael
  3. Ms. Mbambu Margret PWD

These three Honourable Councilors found themselves in the new created Sub-County of Kahokya.

We have 5 schools scattered in all parishes.

We have a Health Centre II and it is our sincere pray for your intervention to elevate it Health Centre III

With the population of 27000 people their livelihood entirely depends on agriculture as an economic activity growing both food and cash crops.

Source of revenue

Sir we have only 2 markets of Kinyateke and Kahokya both totaling to annual purchase cost of 1,600,000= however, they were disposed off soon before the inception of this office.

Sir during our budgeting we realized more potential areas that could rise our revenue/tax base. We are therefore optimistic with the strong staff, the zeal and competences that Kahokya will forge ahead.


We have managed to scoop so soon a successful lobbying for inclusion in allocation of 700kg of beans and 1000kg of maize which we have already distributed to 212 farmers and plantation has been done.


Sir, we have also successfully managed to advocate for a late submission of our community groups at the district. We have so far submitted 2 groups of women and 4 groups of youth.


We have districts Roads:

  • Nyaruzigati-Kitabu-15km
  • Byapa-Kiiambairo-6km
And other gazztted community roads
  • Kahokya-Kalamia-4.2km
  • Kahokya-Kinyateke-4km
  • Kahokya-kilambairo-4km
  • Kahokya-Kabiriti-2km
  • Kahokya-Nyakabale-4.5km
  • Kinyateke-Kasisyo-Kabiriti-3km
  • Kinyateke-Murambi-3.5km
  • Kinyateke-Rwabihungu-2.5km
  • Kighendera-Rwabihungu-4km
  • Operating on no budget which hinders our services to the community.
  • Staffing gaps i.e. agriculture Officer, Health Assistant.
  • Elevation of Health Centre II to Health Centre III as a requirement for a Sub-County status.
  • Motor cycles
Way forward

If the district could also endeavor to throw us at least a 5million to advance services.

Kaija Chris
Senior Assistant Secretary