Lake Katwe S/C

Brief background

Lake Katwe Sub-county is found in Busongora County, has 7 parishes and 14 villages.
It has six Government aided primary schools and one secondary school.
Furthermore, it has six health centre 11’s but one does not receive drugs from national medical stores.
The main economic activities of the population are fishing, animal rearing, cultivation and trading.


The Sub-county is run by 12 technical staff, Sub-county chief, Senior Accountant Assistant, Assistant Fisheries Officer, Assistant Agriculture Officer, Assistant Veterinary Officer, two Parish Chiefs, Health Assistant, Community Development Officer, Accounts Assistant, Typist and porter.

Achievements since last financial year.
  • Completion of kasenyi Tourism Centre in Kasenyi Parish
  • Completion of staff house at Kahokya health centre 11 in Kahokya parish now Kahokya sub-county.
  • Co-funding the renovation cost of 3 blocks at Hamukungu P/S.
  • Installation of Solar system to Hamukungu Health Centre and this was given to us by WWF.
  • Procurement of 35 goats for farmers in Busunga and Kabirizi parishes
  • Procurement of rescue boat for Hamukungu landing site.
  • Opening of 6km of access roads in Kinyateke, Kikorongo and Hamukungu villages.
  • Supported the construction a tourist band and kikorongo health center 11 in Kikorongo Village and these projects are not yet completed, we are waiting for another funding from UWA to complete them.
  • Supplied 5 piglets, 7000 mango seedlings, coffee seedling, beans seeds and maize seeds to farmers in Kabirizi, Busunga and Kahokya parishes under OWC.
  • Collect drugs from Kasenyi Health Centre to Busunga Health Centre which does not receive drugs from the NMS direction.
  • Monitoring and supervising all projects, programs in the sub-county.
  • Busunga Health Centre does not receive drugs from NMS, so sometimes when we go to collect drugs from Kasenyi Health Centre, we do not get enough drugs.
  • The sub-county has only 2 motorcycles that are sound yet all the parishes are very far so monitoring and supervising our project is delayed by lack of means of transport.
  • Kikorongo parish have no water source and here a 20ltrs jerry can is bought 1,000=shs.
  • Wild animals have been killing people mainly in Kasenyi and Katunguru and get assistance from the park authorities is very hard.
  • Our schools lack staff houses and desks.

We request you sir to ask the central government to upgrade all Health Centres in the sub-county to Health Centres III and Busunga Health Centres II to be getting drugs from NMS.

Kuule Kisolhu Jerome
Sub-county chief