Mahango S/C


Mahango Sub County was created in 1982, curved out of kyarumba Sub County. The first sub county chief was mzee muhindo josephat. It has four administrative parishes and 23 villages.

The sub county is mountainous and most of her people earn their living through subsistence agriculture. It is found in Bukonzo County.

Currently the sub county is run by the following staff; kuule kisulhu Jerome-sub county chief, Masereka lauriano – SAA, Kiyengo joseph- accounts assistant, Tsembere  Venesio-CDO, Muhindo Edson-ACDO, Kule Selevano- parish chief and Byaruhanga Charles- parish chief.

These people are supervised by the following members of the executive members: Maathu Eric –sub county chairperson, Matia Maghuru-sec, for production and marketing, muheko Julius- sec, for production and marketing, muheko Julius –sec, for work, Ithungu Suzan- vice chairperson and Kabugho Jaica- sec for finance.


Since the creation of this sub county the following have been achieved among others.

The sub county has planted over 30,000 trees on Buthale Kihongo hill and other public land.

  • Government has supported agriculture by supplying coffee seedlings, heifers, goats and piglets to farmers. This season we have planted over 200,000 coffee seedlings now.
  • The sub county has protected 27 water springs and two gravity flow schemes (Kiyebe gravity flow scheme and Ihuhiri GFS)
  • Mahango Tulibaghuma coffee farmers have also constructed a GFS with 15 tap stands
  • The residents of Mahango started the opening Muhokya- Muhango- road barrier Mahango which was later taken over by kasese district local government.
  • 20 students have benefited from Obusinga Bwarwazururu bursary scheme.
  • Four groups have received YLP funds since the program started.
  • 13 government primary schools have been established and government has constructed 37 class rooms.
  • Government has constructed one secondary school, Mahango secondary school; we have also private secondary schools I.e. St Kizito ss, St Johns Nyakabingo ss and St. Mulumba Kialya ss.
  • Government has constructed two health centres i.e. Mahango Health Centre III and Buthale health centre II, receiving drugs regularly.
  • The church has also established two health centres i.e. St Peters Kibalya and St Phelomena Kyabwenge.
  • This sub county and the community are constructing community hall.
  • Reach the youth is training 105 youth.
  • Save the children has also trained our in different skills and it has given some startup capital

Much as we have achieved what I have mentioned above. The following still remains as challenges.

  • Water coverage still remains a challenge where most of the people still move long distances when looking for water.
  • The coffee seeds are always affected diseases, they dry before maturing hence affecting the quantity of output.
  • Cows in the sub county have no bulls.
  • Mahango Sub County being purely mountainous has been hit by landslides, where 11 people have lost their lives as result.
  • Low staffing levels at all government institutions in the sub county, where by some p.7 school s have six teachers and we do not have a midwife in the sub county.
  • Early marriages still remain a challenge.
  • Some young boys have started taking drugs like marijuana.
  • We still need more health Centre’s, an ambulance to help transport patients to referral hospitals with the district.
  • Some schools like Kyamuduma primary school have only three classrooms and some with no desks.
  • The sub county requests you to assist it in the construction of Mukole GFS that will supply water to schools like St Kizito ss, Kaburara primary school, the people along Mburamasi, Buthale and some parts of Muhokya sub county.
  • The sub county requests you post more staff to our institutions so that the sub county can get the same services as other parts of the district.
  • Furthermore, the sub county requests you to continue visiting it.
  • The sub county requests you to complete the road coming from Kilembe sub county to Mahango and also ask the district engineer and municipal council to widen the road coming to Mahango and repair the stone arch bridge that was washed away.

Kuule Kiasolhu Jerome
Sub county chief