Muhokya S/C


Muhokya Sub-county is located a long kasese mbarara high way. It neighbors with Mahango Sub-county in the North, Lake Katwe and Kyalhumba Sub-counties in the west and queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake George Basin in the East then Kasese Municipal Council North East.

The Sub-county is made up of 5 parishes and 18 villages namely: Muhokya, Kahendero, Kibiri, Nyamirami and Kirembe.


The population is made up of 22,012 which are Men and Women Largely of Bakonzo, Banyabindi, Basongora and others according to 2014 census projection.


The Sub-county has technical staff as bellow;

  1. Bwambale Kisoboli Ezra Sub-county Chief
  2. Baluku Joseph SAA
  3. Kambere Charles Agriculture Officer
  4. Bwambale Boniface   Assistant Fisheries Officer
  5. Agaba Charles Fisheries Officer
  6. Kitalikibi Geoffrey Assistant Veterinary Officer
  7. Masika Elizabath CDO
  8. Njura Edward                       ACDO
  9. Masika Eva Health Assistant
  10. Thembo Mosia Parish Chief
  11. Kobusinge Evelyn Parish Chief
  12. Keyengo Joseph Parish Chief
  13. Kabugho Susan Parish Chief
  14. Kabugho Getrude Copy typist

The sub-county has one sub-county chairperson and 17 councilors as bellow;

  1. Kasoke Ernest Chairperson
  2. Sibendire Johnson Vice chairperson
  3. Orucha Peter Speaker
  4. Biira Rebecca D/Speaker
  5. Bakengana Lawrence Secretary finance
  6. Mughusu Asanairi Sec Production
  7. Nyangoma Maria Gorret Sec for Social Services
  8. Kalyota Eria Chairperson general purpose
  9. Kabugho Yolesi
  10. Neema Sylvia
  11. Alayi Juma
  12. Matsipa Betty
  13. Tushabomwe Salari
  14. Ntambire Wilson
  15. Fatuma Nanjonje
  16. Kabugho Nurriat
  17. Musoki Janet

We have 4 health centres namely; Nyamirami Health Centre IV, Muhokya Health Centre III, Kibiri Health Centre II and Kahendero Health Centre II.

Latrine coverage

The sub-county has 4,642 households with 76% latrines coverage.


The sub-county has 10 primary schools 4 private secondary schools and 8 nursery schools as below;

Primary schools
  1. Muhokya parents primary school
  2. Kahendero
  3. Kyampa
  4. Kyamiza
  5. Kyemizi
  6. Nyamirami
  7. Busara
  8. Kibiri
  9. Rwabitoke
  10. Bibwe
Secondary schools
  1. Muhokya Parents Secondary School (USE)
  2. Busara High Hills Secondary School (USE)
  3. Bishop Gidio Secondary School
  4. Agnes Secondary School

According to the District water Officer report that Muhokya Sub-county water coverage is at 51% but the other water taps are down due to water scarcity. Therefore the water coverage is below 51%.


Open of Muhokya Rutooke Road, maintenance of Kirembe Bibwe road, construction of a trench to prevent wild problem animals in Muhokya parish.

Impressing OWC programs

  • Supply of cows to farmers
  • Supply of maize seeds
  • Bean seeds
  • Mango seedlings
  • Orange seedlings
  • Apples seedlings
  1. Construction of maternity ward at Nyamirami health centre IV- Kasese District Local Government
  2. Construction of 5 stance latrine at Kahendero primary school by Kasese District Local Government
  3. Extension of water to Kahendero health Centre II by sub-county
  4. Supply of goats to interest groups by Muhokya sub-county
  5. Repair of Rwabihungu GES- Muhokya sub-county

The sub-county land is under a big threat by a grumbler OC Mubuku prison of which chairman LC III wrote a letter to you in regard to the land question and even the matter reached to RDC kasese district.

Primary schools lack latrines only 10% have latrines

Also primary schools lack seats

Muhokya min-irrigation scheme need rehabilitation.

Kahendero landing site was a main source of income but when UPDF was empowered to curb the illegal immature fishing, the fish men ran away hence no income from the source over 66 boats (canoes) were destroyed.

Late release of funds by District for instance money for first quarter was realized very late sept. 2018.

The sub-county land is under a big threat by OC Mubuku prison

Low Local Revenue due drought

Youth lively hood
  1. Busara poultry farmers group
  2. Kahendero golden poultry farmers group
  3. Kahendero poultry farmers group
  4. Nyamirami poultry farmers group
  5. Kibiri boda boda riders group

On behalf of the sub-county I would like to thank the District for the following;

  1. Construction of 5 VIP stance latrine at Kahendero primary school
  2. Recruitment of 2 extension workers and one parish chief for muhokya sub-county.
  3. Including the sub-county in the District budget for water extension to kyamiza and Rwabitoke.
  4. Including the sub-county in the district budget to construct a bridge in Muhokya mini-irrigation scheme.
  • We request the district to rehabilitate and extend Muhokya Min irrigation scheme
  • We request the district to stop the OC Mubuku prison for grabbing sub-county land
  • We also request the district to release funds early enough.
  • We request the district to support the sub-county water extension and maintenance.
  • Increase the sub-county IPF considering the population, geographical location and size.
  • Increase on the means of transport.

Bwambale Kisoboli Ezra
Sub-county chief