Kasese Municipality


Urban forest management, tree planting and open space management intervention in Kasese municipality is a joint partnership between Kasese Municipality, Expertise France under the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) initiative to make cities in Sub Saharan Africa resilient in the fight against climate change and ensuring access to clean energy. Under CoM SSA, local authorities make a voluntary political commitment to implement climate and energy actions in their communities and agree on a long-term vision to tackle 3 pillars, namely access to sustainable energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation.
Cognisant of this, Kasese municipality developed its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) that was approved by the Municipal council in 2021. Wetland management intervention is part of the priority actions for the SEACAP implementation.
The CoM SSA initiative is made up of three actions:
§ Supporting the design, the implementation and the SEACAP assessment
§ Supporting investments in sustainable energy and climate
§ Supporting cooperation and twinning activities between municipalities at different levels (National, regional, international)

Its against this background that Expertise France is seeking for proposals from competent Consultants/firms in Uganda to;

  1. Develop an inventory of wetlands for Kasese Municipality, survey, demarcate their boundaries, develop a wetland management action plan with practical implementation strategy and build local capacity in participatory community based restoration of degraded wetlands.
  2. Conduct a land cover and land use mapping for Kasese Municipality with focus on forest cover, develop an urban forest management action plan and practical implementation strategy and build local capacity in GIS and urban forest management.

For details on the above two assignments and how to submit your proposals, visit the following links.

22-MAPA-S037 :   Urban forest management Action plan and Strategy development, land use and land cover mapping

22-MAPA-S038 :  Wetland Action Plan and Inventory for Kasese Municipality

Download full details on Call for Proposals-Expertise France. – Gender-Environment & Development Action – Uganda (gedauganda.org)

Deadline for submission is: August 23, 2022 18h00 (Paris Time)