Tour Destinations

Welcome to Kasese a home of Tourism destinations with the most beautiful unique attractions you can never find elsewhere in the world.  We give you the best Tourism experience to make your tour the most memorable in life.

Enjoy this when you visit our destinations that will give you a memorable experience ever;

Mt. Rwenzori National Park with a snowcapped Mountain having Margherita peak as the highest point or roof in Uganda.

The Rwenzori Mountain  which was recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1994 basing on its three conservation values including;

The value of Rwenzori as a cultural heritage site

Rwenzori  as home to rare endemic and endangered species, examples of the rare animals include, the Rwenzori duiker, montane squirrel, chimpanzee, mountain elephant, mountain leopard, giant forest hog, rwenzori Otter, primates such as blue monkeys, Angola colobus monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys. The bird species include, the Handsome francolin,Strange weaver, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Nightjar, Archers Robin –chat, Red throated Alethe, Montane masked and collared Apalises, stripe –breastTit, Rwenzori Batis to mention afew, while the rare plant species include the unique alpine flora including species endemic to the Albertine rift in the higher altitude zones including, giant heathers,  Groundsels and lobelias

The Queen Elizabeth National Park a home of unique animal and bird species like the Flamingos on Lake Munyanyange, the elephants, the climbing lions you will hardly find elsewhere at a destination.

The Kazinga Channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George where you can enjoy a safe boat cruise using local community boats and lounges.

The Equator point: We are the only district where you can meet the equator at the snow. Come and experience the movement of the sun in Kasese.

We have a number of hot springs which are well developed for accessibility and enjoyment. You will love it when you visit Kiwa heritage hot spring that will as well leave you with a unique cultural experience. At this destination, you will get a chance of intermingling with the local people to adventure more on the traditional cultures around.

Katwe Kabatooro area with her unique attractions like the Salt Lake, Lake Munyanyange and other beautiful scenic views that attract thousands of tourists every year including students from within and out of the Country .

The landing sites; Kasese is endowed with landing sites where activities like fishing, processing and a number of businesses take place. We have Kasenyi landing site and Hamukungu landing sites which you can visit.

Mubuku Irrigation Scheme; Mubuku serves as the food basket   for Kasese district where food is planted during both dry and wet seasons. The scheme accommodates over 1000 farmers who majorly deal in production of a variety of food crops like rice, vegetables, fruits etc. The technology used to make production of food possible even during prolonged dry seasons, makes it the best agricultural tourism destination you can visit.

Mining Tourism destinations; Kasese being a hub for a variety of minerals, we have over 5 mining companies dealing in mining of different minerals that will give you a unique mining experience. We have; the most popular Kilembe Mine, Hima Cement, Kasese cobalt and Lake Katwe Salt mine. These are visited by over 100,000 visitors’ annually including students.


Kasese remains the richest district blessed with a variety of natural resources ranging from the waters, the national parks, minerals, the mountains. We have the most hospitable communities with unique diverse cultures having about 3 quarters of the tribes in Uganda residing in Kasese