Kitholhu S/C


Kitholhu is located 6km away from the trans African high way to DRC and boarders the Rwenzori Mountain I the north, eat is Ihandiro sub county and Karambi, west is Democratic Republic of Congo and south is still Democratic Republic of Congo and Karambi sub county.


Kitholhu Sub County was curved from Karambi Sub County in 1983 and its headquarters are located in Kitholhu parish 16km away the high way to DRC.

Staffing level
Technical staff
1.Thawithemwira EricMSub county chief –care taker
2.Mutahunga FredrickMCDO
3.Biira JulietFACDO
4.Muhindo ZiribaberiMSenior accounts assistant
5.Musema Charles MuhindoMParish chief
6.Kato StevenMOffice attendant
7.Masika JaneFcleaner
Administrative units

Kitholhu Sub County has five (5) administrative parishes with 27 villages as shown in the table below

1.KithobiraKithobira, and nkwkwe
2.KitholhuKitholhu, Kabwe Nyamusule Bwatsinge and Busyangwa
3.KiraruKiraro, Kinone, Kisebere, Burangwa and Kasinga
4.KanyatsiKathembo, kanyatsi I, kanyatsi II, Kanyatsi trading Centre, Kisabu I , II and III
5.KyabikereKyabikere I, Kyabikere II, Isango, Bulemere ,Buhuruthi, Ikobero, Kakindo and Kibisire

Kitholhu sub county has three (3) health facilities that is; Kitholhu health Centre III, Kiraro health Centre III and Kanyatsi health Centre II and their staffing level is as follows;

Kitholhu health Centre III portfolio
S/NPortfolioStaff presentNeededTotal no. required
1.Clinical officer010102
2.Nursing officer010102
3.Enrolled nurse020103
4.Enrolled nurse midwife000303
5.Nursing assistant030003
6.Record assistant010001
7.Health assistant000101
8.Lab. technician000101
9.Lab. assistant010001
Kiraro health Centre III portfolio
S/NportfolioStaff presentNeededTotal no. required
1.Clinical officer000202
2.Nursing officer000202
3.Enrolled nurse020103
4.Enrolled nurse midwife000303
5.Nursing assistant000303
6.Record assistant000101
7.Health assistant000101
8.Lab. technician000101
9.Lab. assistant000101
Kanyatsi health Centre II portfolio
S/NportfolioStaff presentNeededTotal no. required
1.Enrolled nurse020204
2.Enrolled nurse- mid wife010001
3.Nursing assistant000101
4.Record assistant000101
5.Lab. assistant000101
Education department

Kitholhu sub county has 12 government aided primary school and five private schools as shown in the tables below

Primary government aided schools in the sub county
S/NSchoolhead teacherenrolmentNo. of teachersTeachers neededcontact
1.Kanyatsi primary schoolKakundese Eriabu36535572314020775417606
2.Kathembo  school primaryMasika Geneva31733465114000773326084
3.Kiguramu primary schoolKabugho Edith28327856108040777294898
4.Kisabu primary schoolMuthubbya Semei22425047409040782326781
5.Kyabikere primary schoolKamalha Neriko29234964113010776938062
6.Kyabayenze primary schoolBwambale Richard28930759610020775292863
7.Ikobero primary schoolMuhindo Robert16419936310010774197960
8.Kitholu primary schoolBitswamba James27927455309030777012180
9.Kisedbere primary schoolMukirania Jostus31338970210050782725235
10.Bulemere primary schoolIsaya binyinyi217235453207030773510156
11.Kithobira primary schoolMasereka Joshua20418538907040773969412
12.Kiraro primary schoolKiregheya Gabriel1201206407080207772961865
Private Primary Schools
S/NSchoolhead teacherenrolmentNo. of teachersTeachers neededcontact
1.Bright star nursery schoolKule Raphael68741421020774123772
2.Border race nursery primary school Thembo Jockim1201382581120773938555
3.Ikoberomodel primary schoolKyighondo senseto10310020309000775677861
4.Kithoma B.N and primary schoolBaluku morsi54419503040787314237
5.Kangwanji model and nursery 596112007000774443219

The sub county has two secondary schools of which one is government aided: kithollhu secondary school and kitholhu vocational secondary school (privately owned).

S/Nschoolhead teacherTeaching staffNon-teaching staffenrolment
1.Kitholhu secondary schoolKiiza wanzalla Simbilisio2515324233547
2.Kitholhu voc. Secondary schoolKiiza Erickanah13035256108

Under OWC,

  1. Kitholhu sub county received 10 cows and 3 have died
  2. 10,000 cocoa seedling s have been planted
  3. 20,000 coffee seedlings
  4. 9,500 apple seedlings
  5. 6,700 talapia fish fry
  6. 4,350 clarias fry
  7. 760kgs of fish feeds
Community based
  1. We supported Kithobira save the farmers initiative (KISAFI) with 4.5m under CDD fund for coffee micro washing station.
  2. Under youth livelihood program me, we supported Kanyatsi youth with 6.5m for boda boda motorcycles and Ikobero youth with 9.4m for events management
Technical services and works
  1. We opened kasusuti- kitholhu road with 4.5m under community access road fund which is 2.1km.
  2. We constructed a 2 stance pit latrine and urinal place at the sub county headquarters under DEG funds.
  3. Construction of the data bank using DEG fund, however the construction is not yet to completion level.
Planned projects for FY 2016/ 2017
  1. Supply of 10,000 cocoa seedling s to farmers and we have identified the supplier as kitholhu based severs
  2. Completion of 3 classrooms at kyabayenze primary school totaling to 16 million shillings as per the work plan, however, the technician has made a new bilo of quantities totaling to 29.4 million to make the building to completion level.
  3. Construction of community access road.
  1. Shortage of technical personnel- under production we don’t have an agricultural officer, veterinary officer, fisheries officer who would advise farmer on proper farming methods as well as controlling diseases and pests infecting animals, crops and poultry.
  2. Shortage of teachers in primary schools
  3. Shortage of medical personnel at health facilities that we have in kitholhu Sub County.
  4. Our field motorcycles are in a bad mechanical conditions that do not manage field works
  5. The fund we received for community access road is little for opening roads in the su county. Last FY2015/2016/ we were allocated SHS4.5m (four million five hundred thousand shillings) only. The sub county however, needs many community access roads to be opened but due to little money allocated, we have not been able to open as expected.
  6. The sub county has a low revenue base that hinders meeting its targeted projects
  7. Lack of staff houses at the institutions with in the sub county
  8. Some schools have shortage of seats, classrooms and latrines to be used for enhancing education and sanitation in schools.
  9. The sub county has (3) three gravity flow schemes but lack funds for operation and maintenance.
  1. We request technical staff in the production department (agricultural officer, veterinary officer and fisheries officer)
  2. Staffing at schools and health facilities
  3. Transport facilities like motorcycles to facilitate field works and mobilization
  4. Increment of community access roads funds to enable opening up of more community access roads to improve economic activities within the sub county.
  5. Increase of graduated tax compensation from 3millions so that we can meet our targets.
  6. We request your office to lobby for this sub county through the district education officer to support our schools with staff quarters, seats for pupils, class rooms block construction and latrines.
  7. We request your office to liaise with the water office kasese so that the department of water can allocate funds for operation and maintenance of the 3gravity flow schemes.
  8. We request that our sub county chief is made substantive as he is in the capacity of acting sub county chief and we request that he should be considered under desk promotion.

In conclusion, I would like to reaffirm our commitment as sub county technical team and political wing that we shall do our best to ensure effective service delivery.

Thawithemwira Eric
Sub-county Chief – Care Taker
Kitholhu Sub-county