Rukoki SC

List of staff
  1. Best Juliet Bakoko               –   sub-county chief
  2. Kabasomi salaam                – CDO
  3. Kathehero John                – Sub  accountant
  4. Bwambale .T. Christopher –  CDO
  5. Habyareme George            – Ass. Agric officer
  6. Bwambale Muluba Rogers –  Parish chief (Nyakabingo)
  7. Katusiime Calvin                  –  Parish Chief(Kigoro)
Support staff
  1. Baluku John

Rukoki sub-county has a total number of 3 administrative parishes namely;

Kigoro 1 Parish
  1. Kabughabugha village
  2. Kasika village
  3. Isango village
  4. Kibolhu village
Buhangura Parish
  1. Kapoko village
  2. Buhaghura village
  3. Nyabibwe village
  4. Bughalitsa village
Education Sector

Rukoki sub- county school has a total number of 3 government Aided primary schools I.e.

  • Nyakabingo primary school – Nyakabingo parish
  • Buhaghura primary school -Buhaghura parish
  • Karongo primary school -Buhaghura parish

And no secondary school in the sub-county though government is willing to offer a SEED school but the documentation from the district to the ministry is not clear.


Council resolved that the SEED school be taken to Buhaguhura parish but from the district to the ministry. The location changed to Kigoro I parish, so I humbly request for your intervention.

Health Sector

Under health sector we have 4 health Centre’s namely;

  1. Kigoro Health centre II has no code thus no supply of drugs from government, they beg from other health centres.
  2. Bughalistsa Health centre II receives drugs from government
  3. Buhaghura Health centre III receives drugs though PAF funds have been cut off.
  4. Nyaabingo Health centre II receives drugs from government.

Nyamirami health centre IV, is a constituency health centre that serves all sub-counties in busongora south though we have a challenge of distance so our community members seek other Health services from kilembe hospital.

In the recent meeting it was resolved that all sub-counties in busongora south must contribute towards complete payment of the land where the theatre was built; the in charge showed a debt of 10Mthat was being demanded by the seller.

Operation Wealth Creation

Under operation wealth creation, the sub-county received 3500 mango seedlings, 1050 oranges and 181287 coffee seedlings

  coffeeNo.of beneficiariesmangoesNo.of beneficiariesorangesNo.of beneficiaries
1Kigoro I17500322500 1000 
 Grand-total181,287 3500 1050 
Dairy Cows

In 2015 we received 4 cows and the following are the beneficiaries.

  1. Muhindo yohana Kidweke    -Kigoro I parish , Kasika village
  2. Munduki Simon -Bughalitsa parish, Kapoko village
  3. Bwambale Asasio -Buhahura parish , BuhahuraII village
  4. Ngarambi Zeverio -Kigoro I parish, Kabughabugha village

All the above cows were reported dead.

In the year we received 6 cows and the following are the beneficiaries

  1. Kikama Neverles -kigoro I parish, Kasika village
  2. Mughutjha Gevina -Buhaghura parish, Buhaghura village
  3. Mbabu Jackson                        -Nyakabingo parish,Nyakabingo village
  4. Masereka Simion -Nyakabingo parish,Kyamukoka village
  5. Kalyabyuma Julius -Nyakabingo parish, Nyakabingo village
  6. Bayilhweko Andrew -Bughalitsa parish, Karongo village

NB; out of 10 cows, 8 cows are dead and 2 are alive.

Youth Livelihood Program

Below are the groups that have received namely;

  1. Kabughabugha goat rearing group     -6.3M   -Kigoro parish
  2. Buhaghura motorcycle riders group -8.3M   -Buhaghura parish
  3. Misika piggery youth group -8.6M –Buhaghura parish
  4. Kapoko coffee buyers and sellers group -8.7M – Buhaghura parish

Rukoki has been affected by the creation of the municipality; our offices are in the municipality.

  • Lack of sub county land
  • Lack of transport facilities to workers
  • Lack of water i.e. pour gravity flow scheme has been affected CAIIP road
  • Lack of drugs in our health II of Kasika from the nation medical stores
  • We request for confirmation our political villages
  • Request for completion of our CAIIP road for damaged gravity flow scheme for community improvement.

Muhindo Emmanuel Kitsama
Chairman LC III


Best Juliet Bakoko
Sub-county Chief -Rukoki