Isango S/C

Isango sub county was  created  in July 2011 with a population of 13,194 whereby 5,347 and 7,847 are men and women respectively.

Administrative Units

The sub county comprises of 5 parishes namely, Kyepara, Kayembe, Kamukumbi, Rukungu and Kabufu parishes with a total of 15 villages.


  • Health units

The subcounty has  two health Centre’s ; Kyempara HCIII  and Kamukumbi health centre II 

  • Primary schools

We have 4 government aided primary schools as shown below:

  • St Combon primary school with enrollment of 1039 with 19 teachers
  • Kyembara primary school with enrollment of 574 with 17 teachers
  • Kamukumbi primary school with enrollment of 247 with 14 teachers
Key Achievements /Recently Completed Projects
  • 8km marum road from Kyembara main junction to Kyembara health Centre II
  • Opened 14km community access road (CAR)
  • 4 classrooms blocks constructed at Kyemara and st allozious primary school (SFG)
  • 2 classrooms blocks at st combon primary school on going
Other Government Programmes Focusing on Vulnerable Groups
  • 12 groups (women, youth, PWDs) have benefited under CCD grant- Buka women group, Kamukumbi FAL women group, Thulibaghuma Harukungu women group, and Isango PWDs Isango youth Awalihaghuma women group Kyambogho Anti-poaching group, sunrise Mughongo catering group, Sibalingana women and Kalichikalichi group.
  • Five (5) groups have also benefited under youth live hood Kayembe youth Kabafu youth Kamukumbi youth Kyembara alliance and Kitathurwa youth.
  • 2 groups have like grafted mango seedlings, coffee seedlings and cows have been supplied under operation wealth creation.