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In a bid to combat the spread of Anthrax from the neighboring districts to Kasese, District Task force has resolved to consult the law on how they can ban the trade of meat coming from Sanka to Kasese District.

Anthrax outbreak was reported in Kyotera District in the month of June and over 15 cases have been confirmed in Kyotera.

Though Kasese has not yet received any Positive Case of Anthrax, the trade of illegal meat from Sanka has remained the biggest threat to transfer anthrax to the district. In addition, Kasese remains the major route for transporting animals from Uganda to DRC .

This triggered the district Task force to hold a planning meeting to do early preparations in case of any eventualities.

According to the District Veterinary Officer Dr. Kibaya Yusuf, consumption of meat in Kasese is very high which exposes the community to a very high risk of acquiring Anthrax.

Dr. Kibaya condemned the trade of  Sanka meat which he said is coming from dead animals that traders buy cheaply and sell in Kasese district at a very low price.

He reported to the task force that sofar they have buried 2 cows which were suspected to be having Anthrax however, results came out negative.

He appealed to the leaders to support regulation of trade of meat in the district and fighting transportation of contaminated meat from Sanka which is a biggest threat to all efforts to control the spread of Anthrax.

The RDC LT. Joe Walumbi called upon all stakeholders to join efforts with the Task Force to prevent the spread of anthrax to the district. He asked all members of the district task force to make public health a priority and avoid defending illegal actions which put the public health at a risk.

The RPC Rwenzori region pledged cooperation with other stake holders to fight illegal trade of non-inspected meat in the district to protect the public from Anthrax and other health hazards.

The Principal Health Inspector , Kasese Municipality ,Mr. Kabagambe said that  there is no public health law that allows transportation of un preserved meat from one district to another. He added that the law only allows transportation of live animals not dead animals.

The district Task force formed a small committee of technical stakeholders to consult and interpret the law to guide their actions against illegal trade of meat in the district.