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  1. The project launched by the RDC LT. Joe Walusimbi will cost 434,133,582= and is funded under the Government of Uganda Roads rehabilitation/maintainance development Grant.
    Works will include setting out , site clearance, and grading including earth works, drainage works, Gravelling, and completion works.
    The project will also integrate environmental protection, including planting trees along the road.

The LC I Chairperson of Nyakabingo Bwambale Lozio Mukyezo Nyakabingo has appreciated Government for priotising Nyakabingo – Mahango road. He mentioned that their greatest challenge has been transporting their goods to Mawa Market because of the poor road condition. He added that rehabilitation of the road will ease movement to the market.

The district counsellor representing Mahango, Hon. Kabugho Scovia called upon residents to appreciate the efforts of political leaders from Mahango who have successfully lobbied for funds to rehabilitate Nyakabingo, Mahango road.

The Deputy Chief Administrative officer, Mr Ntarwete Eriab, asked residents of Mahango , Nyakabingo, and Muhokya to ensure cooperation with engineers for effective implementation. He informed them that the project doesn’t cater for compensation and, therefore, they should not interrupt work.

He asked farmers to utilise the road transport their goods to the market and access health services .

The District Vice Chairperson, Hon. Ham Natuhwera asked the district engineer to work with local leaders during the implementation of the project to avoid complaints from the community.

He appealed to the residents of Mahango, Nyakabingo and Muhokya to support successful implementation of the project without obstacles because, for a long time, it has been their outcry and government has given it a priority.

He assured members of the community of more projects in the next FY 2024/25.

The RDC LT. Joe Walusimbi appreciated Mahango community for supporting the ruling government and asked the engineer to ensure value for money .
He committed to monitoring the project to ensure effective implementation.

The project  Phase 1 will be implemented in this  FY 2023/2024.