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Nyakiyumbu recieves solar powered water project.

Yesterday, Ministry of water and Environment in conjunction with Mid Western Umbrella of Water and Sanitation  launched construction of Bwengo piped Water Supply system in Nyakiyumbu Subcounty, Kasese district.

The Solar powered water supply system was officially launched by the RDC Lt.Joe Walusimbi in a ceremony held at Katholhu Primary school in Nyakiyumbu Subcounty.

The project is contracted by Nexus Green and will cost 400m, to be implemented in a period of 8 weeks.

This water project will serve 4 villages in Nyakiyumbu Subcounty, which includes Bwengo ,Katholu , Kathikali, and Kitaturwa.

Leaders have asked Nyakiyumbu community to support the contractors to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

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