Cultural Sites

Ruboni community camp

The location of Ruboni community camp makes it an ideal destination for mountaineers who are preparing for their ascent into the Rwenzoris. Don’t have the time or energy to climb a big mountain? No problem, the camp is also an ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery at a more leisurely pace! Come and experience stunning views of the mountains and witness the extraordinary wildlife unique to this region.

At Ruboni community camp, we provide you the opportunity to experience the Rwenzori nature and culture as part of your trip to Kibale forest National park, Queen Elizabeth national park or on your way from/to the gorillas.

The Bakonzo Culture

The Bakonzo tribe is are under the monarchical strata and its Kingdom is ruled by a king culturally known as Omusinga Wa Rwenzururu which is hereditary. The Bakonzo are found in Kasese District. They are the majority of the Rwenzori people, being more than the Bamba or the Bambuti. Physically they are generally short, stout-small people and dark skinned. These form the original population of the mountainous areas and forests. Their natural surrounding gave them a rich variation in small percussion instruments, wooden horns and other small portable instruments and simple dances.  The Bakonzo who are rather dark-skinned (Negroid) culturally believe in super-human powers; their gods are called Kalisa and Nyabarika.