CAO’s Message

Dear visitors and citizens of Uganda, I welcome you to Kasese District information portal. Management of the District is charged with efficient and effective public service delivery. It is also mandated with the task of guiding the established structures and local government systems in all operations. It also strengthens strategies of ensuring that government policies are implemented and created public ordinances are executed for effective coordination and service delivery systems management, and also makes certain that all lawful District Council resolutions are effectively implemented.

For effective human and time management, Kasese District has instituted availability charts for head of Departments and other key offices. Management has also instituted new reporting format that is embedded with a more result identification menu for both the departments and Lower Local Governments.
Monitoring and supervision of District, Sub County and central government projects is done in a coordinated way for both the political and technical sectors and this has minimized duplication of work and time wastage.
The department is charged with strengthening weak departments through constant supervision and guidance.

This website is an overview of the beauty, opportunities and potential of Kasese District at a glance. kindly take time to utilize it for any information you may need. utilize our contacts indicated on this website and reach us in case you need more help

We are therefore dedicated to offering the best of service to the people of Kasese and Uganda at large.

Thank you.

I remain yours

Mr. Byamungu Elius
Chief Administrative Officer