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                                                           INVITATION TO TENDER

Kasese District Local Government has received funds from the Government of Uganda under various programmes and intends to use part of the money to procure goods, services, works and management of revenue centres for the Financial Year 2020/2021. The Entity hereby invites competent firms, individuals and co-operative societies to submit sealed applications /bids for the following items below:-

The tenders can be found on the Kasese District website., PDU, Sub-County and Town Council notice boards.

S/N Description Procurement Reference No.
1. Construction of a  2 classroom block at Nyangorongo P/s in Maliba S/c. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00001
2. Construction of a 2 classroom block at Kasingiri P/s in Ihandiro S/c KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00002
3. Construction of a 2 classroom block at Kighuramu P/s  in Kitholhu S/c KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00003
4. Construction of a 2 classroom block at Kalonge Upper P/s in Kyarumba S/c. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00004
5. Completion of a 3 classroom block with an office at Kisolholho P/s in Karambi S/c. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00005
6. Construction of Isango Seed S.S. (1st phase) in Isango S/c KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00006
7. Construction  of a 2 classroom block at Karongo P/s in Rukoki S/c. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00007
8. Construction of Kaswa GFS phase III in Bwesumbu S/c. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00010
9. Construction of Bitere GFS in Bugoye Sub-county phase I KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00011
10. Construction of Kyamiza GFS in Muhokya Sub-county  Phase 2 KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00012
11. Construction of Kalhughutha GFS in Ihandiro Sub-county Phase I KSE/521/WRKS/20202021/00013
12. Rehabilitation of Borehole across the District KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00014
13. Rehabilitation of Kyibisire water source spring in Kyarumba Sub-county. KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00015
14. Water extension to Kyibiri village in Muhokya S/c KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00016
15. Construction of Buhunga GFS in Maliba S/c KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00017
16. Construction of a waterborne toilet at the District Headquarters KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00081
17. Construction of Nyakakindo mini-irrigation scheme in Mubuku-Hima phase 2 KSE/521/WRKS/2020-2021/00008
18. Construction of L. Katwe Sub-county Community Hall
19. Procurement of a rice thresher  for Production Department KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00031
20. Procurement of Plot of land for Rwesande market in Kyabarungira S/c KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00139
21. Supply and installation of 20 no. solar powered street lights in Hima Town council KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00172
22. Procurement of  40 seater Half Bus (staff van)  for Kasese District KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00034
23. Procurement of 02 motorcycle for Hima Town council KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00180
24. Procurement of 3 Motorcycles for Extension Workers in Kasese District KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00032
25. Provision of  re-valuation of properties in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council KSE/521/SRVCS/2020/2021/00025
26. Procurement of abattoir land for Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00190
27. Procurement of garbage land for Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council KSE/521/SUPLS/2020/2021/00202
28. Provision of services for carrying out detailed plan for Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Town Council KSE/521/SRVCS/2020/2021/00027

Management /Collection of revenues from markets running from 1st October 2020 to 30th June 2021

Grade: A

S/N Market Sub-County Location Duration Reserve price
1. Kikorongo L. Katwe 9 months 7,200,000
2. Kanyatsi/Kithoma Kitholhu 9 months 3,000,000
3. Kasangali Kajole Bwesumbu 9 months 4,100,000
4. Kisanyarazi Market Bugoye 9 Months 3,001,500
5. Kithoma Market Buhuhira 9 Months 5,760,000
6. Maliba market Maliba 9 months 6,000,000
  GRADE: B  
1 Musasa market Kyondo 9 months 150,000
2 Kinyabisiki market Kyondo 9 months 500,000
3 Kyondo market Kyondo 9 months 650,000
4 Kyondo Slaughter fees Kyondo 9 months 450,000
5 Mukati market Maliba 9 months 400,000
6 Isule market Maliba 9 months 600,000
7 Maliba slaughter fees Maliba 9 months 400,000
8 Kinyabwamba market Kitswamba 9 months 270,000
9 Kitswamba market Kitswamba 9 months 810,000
10 Kabiira/Kisanga Market Kitswamba 9 months 198,000
11 Kabatunda Kirabaho market Kyabarungira 9 months 2,500,000
12 Kirabaho Kabatunda  Slaughter fees Kyabarungira 9 months 500,000
13 Rwesende market Kyabarungira 9 months 300,000
14 Kasika-Kigoro Market Rukoki 9 months 240,000
15 Kapoko Market Rukoki 9 months 140,000
16 Hamukungu Market L. Katwe 9 months 299,700
17 Kiburara market Kisinga 9 months 1,800,000
18 Kajwenge market Kisinga 9 months 750,000
19 Kamughobe market Kisinga 9 months 127,000
20 Mahango upper Mahango 9 months 500,000
21 Mahango lower Mahango 9 months 500,000
22 Mushenene market Nyakiyumbu 9 months 540,000
23 Kalongoire Market Nyakiyumbu 9 months 135,000
24 Katholhu Market Nyakiyumbu 9 months 162,000
25 Rusese Market (Kithukumiro) Isango 9 months 1,500,000
26 Bwesumbu slaughter Bwesumbu 9 months 450,000
27. Kihyo Market Buhuhira sub county 9 months 2,700,000
28. Bugoye Market Bugoye 9 months 500,000
29. Katoke Market Bugoye 9 months 300,000
30. Kinayateke Kahokya 9 months 850,000
31. Kahokya Kahokya 500,000
32. Murambi Kahokya 350,000



S/N Canoe Landing Sites Sub-County Location Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Katunguru Canoe Landing L. Katwe B 9 months 3,375,000
2. Hamukungu Canoe Landing L. Katwe B 9 months 4,050,000
3. Kasenyi canoe landing L. Katwe B 9 months 4,050,000



S/N Canoe Landing Sites Sub-County Location Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Bwesumbu Business License Bwesumbu B 9 months 1,350,000
2. Kitswamba Business License Kitswamba B 9 months 3,690,000
3. Rugendabara –Kikongo Business License Rugendabara –Kikongo TC B 9 months 6,500,000
4. Property Tax Hima Town Council A 9 months 40,000,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Upper Customs market A 9 months 18,000,000
2. Mpondwe market A 9 months 27,000,000
3. Loading and off loading A 9 months 31,500,000
4. Nyabugando market C 9 months 675,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Kisinga market A 9 months 7,000,000
2. Kagando market C 9 months 1,500,000
3. Buzira market C 9 months 800,000
4. Kisinga Town Council slaughter B 9 months 2,000,000
5. Loading and off loading B 9 months 1,300,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Ibanda Market B 9 months 500,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Rugendabara –Kikongo MARKET B 9 months 1,500,000




S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Kinyamaseke Central market A 9 months 15,000,000
2. Mairu- Kumi Markets C 9 months 450,000
3. Kinyamaseke slaughter fees C 9 months 900,000
4. Kinyamaseke Business License A 9 months 9,000,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Mubuku Market C 9 months 1,000,000
2. Mubuku slaughter fees C 9 months 500,000
3. Mubuku Business License C 9 months 2,800,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Kyarumba market B 9 months 16,000,000
2. Kyarumba Slaughter fees B 9 months 3,000,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Katwe salt lake market A 9 months 504,000,000
2. Katwe central market B 9 months 7,200,000
3. Katwe Parking fees B 9 months 7,200,000



S/N Revenue Sources Grade Duration Reserve price
1. Hima Market A 9 months 8,000,000
2. Mowlem market A 9 months 10,000,000
3. Slaughter fees B 9 months 4,000,000
5. Hotel Tax B 9 months 5,400,000


  • Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the open domestic bidding method procedures contained in the Local Governments (PPDA) regulations 2016. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of non – refundable fees on the Kasese District General Fund Collection A/C No 9030006882354 in Stanbic Bank, Kasese Branch.


  • Address for inspection/purchase of bidding documents is the office of the Head Procurement and Disposal Unit, Kasese District headquarters. Terms and conditions are found in the bidding documents that can be obtained from Procurement and Disposal Unit from 08:00am to 05:00pm and interested bidders are advised to carefully read through the bidding document.


  • Applicants for the management of salt lake market and parking fees in Katwe Kabatooro Town Council should be registered co-operatives societies and associations within that revenue centre or Town Council/Sub county dealing in the same business.

(D) Bidders for works, supplies and services will pay non-refundable fees of Shs. 50,000/= for each item.


(E) Bidders for revenue centres will pay non-refundable fees according to grades as follows:-


Shs.     50,000= for Grade A markets

Shs.     30,000= for Grade B markets

Shs.     20,000= for Grade C markets


(F) You are required to submit two copies of the bid documents which must be properly sealed and clearly marked “TENDER FOR” ….. , and should be addressed and submitted  to The Head Procurement and Disposal Unit, Kasese District Local Government, P.O. Box 250, KASESE not later than 10:00 am of 14th September 2020 and thereafter bids will be opened the same day at 10:30 am at the PDU open space where interested bidders/representatives may choose to attend.


Late submissions will be rejected.

The Planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:-

Publish of bid notice/advert 25th August 2020
Pre bid meeting N/A
Bid closing & bid opening 14th  September 2020
Evaluation process 15th  September 2020
Display of best evaluated bidder notice 17th September  2020
Contract award & signature 30th September 2020


Note: All bidders must observe the COVID 19 standard operating procedures (SOPs)